Manufacture of rubber and plastic products Industrial rubber goods

Rubber products
Manufacture of products for various purposes: for aeronautical engineering and other industries.

Processing methodTypes of rubberThe configuration, including with metal reinforcementWeightMaximum dimensionsThickness
Straight, molding pressingNitrile, fluoride, fluorosiloxane, ethylene-propilenerings, gaskets, pistons, collars, seals, etc.0,1-300 g180 х 180 mmUp to 10 mm


Plastic products

Processing methodMaterialsThe maximum volume of castingWeightMaximum dimensionsThickness of the wall
Die-castingThermoplastic polimers. polyethylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polyformaldehyde, ABS-plastic, etc.(Deatail + gate) – 200 cm31-200 gUp to 200 mm
PressingThermosetting plastics polycarbonate, phenoplast, glass fibre filledmoldable materials5-120 g100х100х30 mmUp to 3 mm