In order to meet customers’ requirements, we provide the following services:

  • Training of the customer’s personnel.
  • Preparation of experts at the Department of Aviation Units Engineering (Kharkov Aviation Institute) directly on the territory of the enterprise.
  • After-sales service of units
  • Prolongation of the unit resource on the Customer’s basis
  • Providing of exchange fund of units.

In addition, the management of the “FED” Plant pays a special attention to counterfeit products and prevents its spreading in every possible way.
Operation of the “gray” units is fraught with not only their unreliable operation and losses in operation, but also directly threatens lives of people on board of the aircraft.

Since 2002, at State Enterprise Kharkov Machine Engineering Plant “FED” the Commission works, and it held a number of measures to reduce the share of counterfeit goods, including:

  • since 2005 secure passports of products were introduced, and in 2006-2008 new degrees of protection of product passports were added;
  • since 2002 the company established the Commission for authentication, which can be addressed in order to authenticate the passport of the product by an electronic copy;
  • checking of authenticity of units is carried out together with the original manufacturers engine and component units;
  • a database to track the unit during the entire life cycle is being created, it is also planned to create a unified database for all companies producing aircrafts;
  • monitoring of the market is conducted in order to detect cases of offers of illegitimate products;
  • a new policy to work with aircraft repair plants is introduced, now supply of group maintenance kits is possible only in case of fulfilling designer’s supervising.