FULL NAME Fuel distributor 2000



Fuel distributor PT­-2000 is designed ­ together with the unit HP­2000 fuel supply to the combustion chamber of the engine turboprop TV3­117VMA SBM1­AN­140.

RT­-2000 performs the following functions:

  • nozzle circuits connection to the HP­2000 and the distribution of the dosed fuel consumption circuits depending on the magnitude of this flow;
  • air supply from the air turbine starter in the second loop injector to start the engine;
  • disconnections of primary and secondary circuits of the fuel injector system and connect it to the drainage system of the engine to stop the supply of fuel metered by the pump of the combustion chamber and the pressure drop for automatic pump unit HP­2000;
  • distributions the contours injector fuel otdozirovannogo unit HP­2000, by varying the flow areas of the grooves in the sleeve of the control valve.



Application civil aviaton
Mass 3,7 kg
Consumption Power 5 kVt
Working temperature range -55…+80 °С
Max. fuel consumption throught unit 700 kg per hour
Fuel temperature on input -50…+70 °С
Input fuel pressure of unit 5,9 МПа
Fuel used:
– main ТС­1ГОСТ 10227­86
– backup РТ ГОСТ 10227­86, Т­8В ГОСТ 12308­89
– reserve Т­2 ГОСТ 10227­86
Filtration fineness of the fuel supplied to the unit 12 – 16 mkm



Airkraft An-140