Today, the company occupies leading positions in Ukraine in serial production, repair and modernization of equipment for hydraulic, fuel and electrical systems of aircraft.

Our success is due to clear plans for development and team cohesion. We have chosen the path of innovative development together with the SE “Kharkov aggregate design bureau” and other enterprises of  UDI “Ukroboronprom”, which allows us to create and produce modern actuators for the primary flight control system, fuel system units of helicopters, hydraulic and power supply systems of aircraft.

The company’s products are unique and can be characterized by high research intensity and technological level of production; our products are used in almost all types of aircrafts and helicopters, manufactured in the CIS and used in more than 60 countries. SE “KhMP “FED» is also involved in the development of aggregates according to the requirements of the Customers and offers existing products for the new generation of aircraft.

We will continue to steadily gain market share at the aggregate production market, maintaining and developing the image of a modern aviation company with a world-wide reputation.