FULL NAME The pump controller 2000



The pump controller HP-2000 is designed for fuel supply and automatic control of the turboprop TV3-117VMA SBM1.

HP-2000 in interaction with electronical adjustor RED-2000 and fuel distributor PT-2000 provides:

  • the fuel supply to the combustion chamber of the engine and fuel management at the start, on the steady and variable conditions;
  • control of mechanization of the compressor;
  • super-system limit of fuel consumption in the COP and the rotor speed of the turbocharger;
  • switching to the backup control system of automatic control;
  • stop the engine without the heaviness and heaviness of the propeller blades (BB).

HP-2000 includes two systems: fuel supply pump to the combustion chamber of the combustion chamber and controls:

  • system combustor fuel supply controls fuel flow supplied to the combustion chamber by means of changes in the combustion chamber of the pump is proportional flow areas of the throttle faucet at constant fuel pressure drop in this section;
  • the control system provides automatic operation of hydromechanical components of HP-2000 and supplying the working fluid (fuel) from the constant pressure to the hydraulic cylinders adjustable guide vanes and the air bypass valves.



Application civil aviation
Mass ­25 kg
Power consumption 5 kVt
Environment temperature -55…+80 °С
Type leechers nodes 2 plungers
Drive rotation speed 6985,49 rpm
Input fuel temperature -50…+70 °С
Fuel pressure:
– on input of unit 0,107 mPa
– in other modes 0,196 – 0,686 mPa
Fuel used:
– main ТС-1ГОСТ 10227-86
– backup РТ ГОСТ 10227-86, Т-8В ГОСТ 12308-89
– reserve Т-2 ГОСТ 10227-86
Filtration fineness of the supplied fuel supplied to the unit 12 – 16 mkm



Aircraft An-124