FULL NAME Metering pump MC2



It is intended for automatic control of the fuel supply to the engine AI-450-MS by signals from the electronic control system and the fuel supply to the actuators control inlet guide vanes and valve bypass air

ND-MS2 provides:

  • an increase in pressure of fuel in the booster stage metering pump;
  • an increase in pressure in the primary stage of metering pump;
  • the fuel supply to the starting nozzle of the engine;
  • the fuel supply to the working nozzle of the engine;
  • the fuel supply to the actuators;
  • engine shutdown by electric command;
  • fuel filtering;
  • alarm differential pressure on the fuel filter;
  • the restriction of maximum and minimum fuel consumption;
  • fuel metering command of the electronic control of ACS.



Working fuel TC-1, RT and their analogs
Fuel consumption:
– minimum 150 kg/h
– maximum 14 kg/h
Turnover of the drive shaft:
– minimum 700 rpm
– maximum 8575 rpm
Mass 5,5 kg
Overall dimensions 190х240х181 mm



Aircraft An-148
Aircraft An-158
Aircraft An-178