It is intended for automatic control of fuel supply into engine AI­450 by two basic channels of an electronic control system and fuel dozing into the engine proportionally to a location of the engine control lever in reserve hydromechanical control mode.

Pump­dozer provides:

  • increase of fuel pressure in pumping stage of pump­dozer;
  • Increase of fuel pressure In main stage of pump­dozer;
  • fuel supply to start­up engine nozzles;
  • fuel supply to operational engine nozzles;
  • engine turn­off: mechanical or by electric command;
  • fuel filtration;
  • signalization of pressure drop in fuel filter;
  • limitation of minimum and maximum fuel consumption;
  • fuel dozing by electronic regulator command during operation of the main control system;
  • transition to reserve control system by electric command;
  • throttle characteristic GT =f (α руд) during operation of reserve control system;
  • characteristics of acceleration and release GТ =f (t) during operation of reserve control system.



Maximum fuel consumption 200 kg/h
Maximum RPM of input shaft of the pump 8300 rpm
Mass 5,9 kg



Helicopter Mi-8
Helicopter Mi-17, -171, -172