Input control on incoming to the factory metals, alloys, petroleum products, rubber compounds, as well as the quality of operations at various stages of production are carried out:

  • by the chemical-spectral laboratory equipped with modern appliances and installations: С-100 spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer С-115M-1, express analyzer AН-7529, photovoltaic systems, ФС-41, МФС-8;
  • by the metallographic laboratory and laboratory of mechanical testing equipped with modern microscopes, sets of equipment for a variety of physical methods of testing that allow to evaluate structure and mechanical properties of alloys and rubber;
  • Laboratory of non-destructive testing to detect latent defects metals at various processing stages of production. For this purpose, various methods, including X-ray, capillary, magnetic-powder, ultrasonic, eddy current testing, are applied.

Laboratories have the accreditation certificate.