FULL NAME Vertical drive 1888



Vertical drive ПВ1888 is designed for insuring movement of armament vertical actuator on object 478 Б in the given range of angles and speeds.


  • the vertical drive comprises a power electrohydraulic actuator, which converts electrical energy delivered to electric motor into mechanical energy acting on piston rod, which movement speed and force are determined by level of control signal fed to electronic unit wire;
  • the vertical drive includes a system of rod hydraulic locking in any position when the signal is fed to electromagnets of hydraulic lock.



Rated motor voltage power 27+2-5 V
– no-load 38 А
– rated 51 А
– maximum 125
Maximum control signal 320 mA
Maximum stroke 165 mm
Brake stroke 900 kgf
Rod speed at load of 225+75 kg 140 mm/s
Working fluid:
– main МГЕ-10А
– substitute АМГ
Mass 51 kg