FULL NAME Electropneumatic valve 48



Electropneumatic valve ЭК-48 is designed for switching-on with operating pressure up to 8 MPa (80 kgf/cm) of compressed air users on object 478ДУ after electrical or manual command.
Valve type: pneumatic, solenoid-operated, with drain, closed in de-energized condition.



Operating range of ambient air temperatures -60…+120 °С
Compressed air pressure at input to product 1 – 8 mPa (10 – 80 kgf/cm2)
Minimum actuating pressure at voltage of 22 V up to 1 mPa (10 kgf/cm2)
Input current at voltage of 24 V up to 3,5 А
Overall dimensions:
– length 190-3 mm
– width 37 mm
– height 56±0,6 mm
Mass up to 0,5 kgг