FULL NAME Exducer control unit MS2



AUVNA­MS2 is used for controlling of turbine engine exducer position.

AUVNA­MS2 provides:

  • output rod movement at load condition by command of electronic control system;
  • adjustment of output rod movement.

AUVNA­MS2 consists of:

  • differential hydrocylinder with rod that is hingedly joined to piston and adjustment device of output rod movement;
  • electromagnetic valve of rod retraction control;
  • electromagnetic valve of rod extension control.



Working fluid Fuel TS­1, RT and their analogs
Working fluid temperature ­50 … +70 °С
Maximal current consumption 0,75 A
Rod displacement 41 mm
Rod start moving pressure up to 0,4 MPa
Maximal pressure drop between inlet and outlet ports 5 MPa
Mass up to 1,1 kg
Overall dimensions, mm 136 х 181 х 55



Aircraft An-148
Aircraft An-158
Aircraft An-178