Galvanic processes are designed on the basis of "clean technologies". 

Types of coatings:

  • ammonia chloride cadmium plating

  • cyanide zinc plating

  • cyanide copper plating

  • alkaline zinc plating

  • tinning

  • shiny nickel plating of steel details

  • electropolishing of stainless steels

  • solid sulphate anodizing

  • sulfate anodization

  • chemical oxidation of steel

  • oxide phosphatizing

  • cathodic chromatizing-cyanic silver-plating

  • coating with lead-indium alloys

  • anodizing of magnesium alloys

  • hard chrome plating

  • chemical passivation of stainless steels

  • chemical passivation of copper alloys

  • chromate anodizing

  • removal of rust

  • chemical oxidation of magnesium alloys

  • chemical nickel plating

  • oxidation of brass

  • cadmium plating