Products for aviation

FED was the ferst plant in the former USSR that produced petrol aviation aggregates of   all-weather climate
format. Those aggregates can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Fuel-regulating equipment

    The unit consists of the centrifugal pump, speed regulator, engine shut-off solenoid valve, shaft speed sensors, fuel  filters....

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  • Hydraulic units for different needs

    Today SE KhMP "FED" produces aggregates of hydraulic systems for aircrafts An, Tu, Be, Yak, Su and MiG and helicopters Mi and Ka....

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  • Hydraulic motors

    It is intended to convert the hydraulic energy of the working fluid into the mechanical energy of the rotating shaft....

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  • System power supply

    GP-21 is a primary source of constant frequency AC power of the aircraft electrical system. It consist of an alternator driven by a hydromechanical constant speed drive....

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  • Pump equipment

    Plunger high-pressure pump, a variable supply of fuel and speed sensor with a maximum speed limitation. ND24T for supplying fuel to the injectors of the engine working the right amount (together w...

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