History page

 History of the plant takes beginning since 1927.

 At the initiative of Felix Dzerzhinsky on the outskirts of Kharkov has started the construction of several houses where, homeless children could live, study and work.

December 29. 1927 was grand opening of the child labor commune, it was given the name F.E.Dzerzhinsky. To control (direct) the commune invited an outstanding teacher, scientist and public person Anton Makarenko.

 In 1932, the plant was organized on the base of the mechanical workshop of the commune. The first products of the plant were, so scarce at that time in the Soviet Union, electric drills.

 Since 1934, on the commune territory was founded the first plant in the Soviet Union of the production portable film cameras "FED".

 In 1938 two plants of the commune were incorporated to the industrial combine.

 In 1941 it was transferred to the aviation industry. After that it had been given a new name – State Union Plant FED. Since that time the main specialization of the plant is aviation technics.

During the Second World War the plant has started production of scarce artillery panorama sights, trench periscopes and sights for sniper rifles,

 as well started production of the, unique at that time, pumps with direct injection to the cylinder in engines for airplanes La-5 and La-7, which gave to the Soviet military air force significant advantage over the enemy .

 In the postwar years, the plant mastered the production of a variety of different fuel assemblies and fuel metering equipment, including engines for rockets and jet aircraft.

 In the period 70-90 years XX century along with aviation units, the plant produces a wide range of consumer goods - cameras FED in different modifications, hydraulic cutters, mixers.

SE KhMP "FED" was the first plant in the former Soviet Union, publisher of aviation fuel assemblies all weather climatic format. These units are suitable for use anywhere in the world and are known not only in Ukraine but also in many countries and abroad, they differ in quality and reliability.