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Issue number 24-25  of December 12,15

Issue number 24-25 of December 12,15

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«Fedovets» - circulation newspaper of the State Enterprise "Kharkov machine-building plant" FED ", has been published since 1930.

The birth and the name of the newspaper is obliged wall newspapers, which were issued in a labor commune, led by well-known educator Anton Makarenko.

The newspaper is the chronicle of the life of the plant. Its focus - quality issues and labor discipline, the implementation of the production plan. Regularly in the newspaper publishes articles about veterans of labor and Great Patriotic War, on the advanced production, excellent quality. It illuminates the life of the staff union, sports and cultural events.

Despite the recent difficulties experienced by many state-owned enterprises in our country, a large-circulation newspaper "Fedovets" never ceased their issues. The great merit of this plant administration and trade union committee.

In 2008, the newspaper was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Office of Press and Information of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, in 2010 and 2011 thanks to the President - Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Aircraft Builders of Ukraine, Diploma of the Association of Trade Unions of the Kharkiv region and the Diploma of the winner of the regional art contest in the nomination "The best newspaper industry."

The editor of the newspaper "Fedovets" I. Pidyak,
member of the Union of Journalists Ukraine